fatty food : 기름진 음식 

crave for something : ~을 엄청 땡겨하다

stagnant period : 정체기

I crave for something like fatty foods because I’m on diet. 

다이어트 중이라 기름진 음식이 엄청 땡긴다.

I weigh my self on the scales everyday. It’s recently stagnant period.

매일 체중을 재는데요. 요즘은 정체기에요.

however I met an Ex-colleague and we had grilled chicken steak.

그러나 예전에 같이 일하던 사람들 만나가지고 숯불닭갈비 먹음.

It was a cheating day for me so I enjoyed it.

치팅데이였고, 그냥 즐겼음 ㅋ

compared to last year, it was not that crowded in gangnam.

작년과 비교해서 강남은 별로 북적거리지 않았다.

maybe because of covid-19, pandemic.

아마 코로나 때문.

I was suprised because I’ve never seen gangnam that less crowded.

그렇게 강남이 한산한건 또 첨이네. 놀랍구나.


I have a tv. but I don’t usually watch the major channels.

텔레비젼은 있지만 주요채널(지상파)는 안봅니다.

I think everyone is watching Youtube and Netflix on tv thesedays.

제 생각에 요즘은 다들 TV로 유툽보거나 넷플릭스 보는거 같아요.

I watched an animation called ‘Demon Slayer’.

It was SUPER impressive!! the background of movie was in the 19 century, there are ghosts in the story so humans and ghosts, they fight with a sword. only the ones chosen by 무잔 can become a ghost after death. as soon as I finished whole season of it on Netflix, I and my wife, we run to Movie theather in Gangnam to watch theatrical version of it. It’s really well made so I strongly recommend you guys to watch it!!




카테고리: 미분류

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