내말이 그 말 이에요!!!

  • That’s what I’m saying!!
  • That’s my point!!
  • You can say that again!


말이 헛 나왔어요!

  • I think IT CAME OUT WRONG.


생각해 보니, 그러고 보니

  • COME TO THINK OF IT, I did not mention that I am a Android app developer


  • phone bill: 전화요금
    They were cut off for not paying their phone bill
  • phone plan: 요금제
    It is because the phone does not have an unlimited data plan
  • installment: 할부, on installment: 할부로
    I want to pay money back on installment
  • stress shopping: 보복소비
    I just did stress shopping because of Covid19!
  • function, feature: 기능
  • inquire: 문의하다
    Thank you for your inquiry yesterday
  • request: 요구
    She has said nothing regarding your request
  • flight tickets: 비행기표
  • quite: 꽤
    I quite like iOS too!


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