• gift certificate: 상품권
    Since I had a gift certificate that I got from the company.
  • course meal: 코스요리
    We went to a Thai restaurant and ordered a fancy course meal.
  • one billion: 10억 
    This house costs one billion dollars
  • corporate welfare: 사내복지
    When looking for a new job, take a good look at your corporate welfare.
  • fund: 기금
    The government has agreed to fund our research for another year
  • lose my weight : 체중을 줄이다, 살을 빼다
    My new year’s resolution is to lose my weight.
  • lethargic: 무기력한 
    I recently feel lethargic
  • a lot of : (불가산,가산) 많은
    I have a lot of work
  • lots of : (비격식) 많은
     Try to eat lots of vegetable to stay healthy
  • relatives : 친척
  • relocation : 이전 (It’s both used on people and office)
  • likewise : 마찬가지로
  • replacement : 교체, 대체, 후임자
    Hello, I am a replacement for her
  • Go grocery shopping : 장보러 가다
  • rice cake soup : 떡국
  • cold turkey : 한번에 딱 끊는 것, 즉각 끊는 것
    I quit smoking cold turkey
  • satisfied: 만족한
    We were fully satisfied



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